Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700

Just the other week Kevin posted about his Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry and asked the community if RIM was to do any other partnerships with brands, who would you want to see them partner with. In the post, we showed off a hot looking Ferrari PlayBook concept. Now today in CrackBerry's forums, guess what photos showed up? That's right, a Ferrari BlackBerry, but in this case it's actually a Bold 9700.

This isn't a device we remember seeing before, and Google didn't have much to offer regarding it either. Obviously it's an older device, and still rocking OS5. Heck, we aren't even 100% sure that it's a legit BlackBerry, though it sure is pretty convincing. There are a ton more pictures of the device and the packaging in the forum thread at the link below, both from the person who claims to own this device, and an old eBay listing Bla1ze found online.  Go take a look, and let us know if you think it's legit and if it's a design you'd like to see on a newer device. 

More pictures/discussion on the Ferrari edition BlackBerry Bold 9700