Fancy Shmancy
You are at the restaurant that your significant other booked 6 months in advance, sitting down and enjoying your anniversary dinner together.  The bread is warm, the wine is flowing and things are just perfect...

Bzzzzz.  Bzzzzz.  Uh-oh, you know that feeling.  It's your crackberry telling you secretly in it's gentle vibrate mode that you have a new message.  C'mon why now?

Your girlfriend is talking to you about the time you first met and suddenly your mind starts to wander.  Is the new message your crackberry alerted you to a simple SMS from your buddy asking you to come over and watch the game this weekend?  Is it an important e-mail?  Nah, it's probably just spam.  Or is it?  What if it's your network monitoring system telling you a service went offline?  You'd better check.  Your hands start to sweat as you start twirling your crackberry round and round in it's holster.  Tick, tick, tick, tick... You smile at your girlfriend and excuse yourself to the rest room.

Halfway to the rest room you already have your crackberry whipped out of it's magnet cradle and unlocked.  What you had feared has come true; there is a service down.  You are the systems administrator and you need to connect to the proxy server at work to restart the squid daemon.  But there is no computer around to get online and VPN'ed in.

What can you do?

Luckily you can use the BES server and MDS to connect in with your crackberry and SSH directly into the server using Idokorro's MobileSSH client.

MobileSSH is a savior!!!!!  Now you can remote in, start the service and save the day, all while you lean against the urinal in the rest room.  And double hero for you because now you aren't going to ruin your date!

At $95 per crackberry device for unlimited connections, it is truly a bargain.  I have been using it for about 3 months and it has saved me a ton of hassle on more then 1 occasion.  Once, I was able to fix something from right inside Home Depot!

This software is a must-have for any IT professional that could use the capability of remotely connecting to any internal network devices at their organization.  It is easy to use and the support is great.  Try the 30 day fully functional download and judge for yourself.  Keep in mind, in order to connect to your company's network you need to have BES with MDS.

There is a how-to complete with screen shots located over at on how to setup a connection using MobileSSH.

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