This one certainly won't be for everyone, but if you suffer from diabetes then this is a great way of keeping track of your blood sugar levels on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, plus a whole lot more. iDiabetes can be downloaded today for free from the Amazon Appstore, though, it looks to be a regional offer for the UK, it should be pretty popular. I'm not sure about worldwide figures but here in the UK we have about 2.9 million diabetics.

With more and more of us using our smartphones for tasks that historically we've done on paper, iDiabetes looks the perfect way to manage your condition and take it with you wherever you go.

As you'll see from the following list of features it isn't just about keeping track of your daily blood sugar levels, although that's the most important bit. The app is absolutely bursting with features, from setting medication reminders, to searching for foods and finding their nutritional value.

So if you are diabetic, I'd highly recommend jumping into the Amazon Appstore and picking this one up today. If you're new to this Android app gubbins then full instructions are within the link at the base of the post. It's super easy.

Full features include:

  • EASY and INTUITIVE interface for recording your blood sugar (glucose) readings according to the date and time you checked your blood sugar.

  • MONITOR changes in Blood Glucose levels over time.

  • Record the amount of insulin injected.

  • Track your food consumption/carbs.

  • Physical activity - track your exercises and other activities.

  • View CHARTS and analyze trends.

  • EMAIL and SHARE your Glucose readings and other information with your Doctor. You can also email to your self for backup and sharing.

  • Record A1C results. Set Goal.

  • Add NOTES to each log.

  • Medication - track your insulin intake.

  • Get Medication reminder alerts.

  • Your Historical data provides meaningful insights and trends to better control your diabetes.

  • Reduces the burden of keeping journals.

  • No need to purchase additional adapters - it helps you save money as well for accuracy purposes. Input your readings from the Glucose meter in the app.

  • No Internet Connection required to access data, use the app anytime.

  • For your Privacy and Security - all data is stored locally on your Phone.

  • Perfect for Mobile Diabetes Management.

  • We make it easier for people with diabetes.

  • Share with caregivers.

  • No advertisement.

  • Log insulin doses and glucose readings.

Download iDiabetes from the Amazon Appstore