Don't panic! I'm not turning my back on BlackBerry. Though after waking up this morning to a dead BlackBerry Bold 9900 sitting on my charging stand (not even a JVM error this time, just a dead black screen dead), I don't think anybody could blame me if I did. That's three times now my Bold 9900 has bricked in one month. Awesome.

After it happened the second time, and I heard that many others were also experiencing bricked 9900/9930s, I reached out to RIM on Nov. 1st letting them know my concern that something seemed to be seriously wrong with the device. That many bricked 99xx's out there among people I knew was not normal. The initial word I got back from RIM that day was that my report seemed to be the first along these lines and was isolated to me and the group of people I knew. Obviously that didn't truly pan out to be the case as on Friday we saw somebody from RIM give CNBC a statement confirming there is an issue with the 9900/9930 and that RIM is working on the fix. I hope they push out this fix soon. I'm even more curious to know what the actual problem is.

As for the poll above, after tweeting out my frustration this morning I couldn't help but laugh at the replies I received from our sibling sites (pictured above), aiming to win my love. Good work boys. It made me wonder for real though... if I was going to have another device other than a BlackBerry as my *primary* Smartphone, what platform would it be?

I own an iPhone 4S but hate using the thing as my primary phone. It's solid as a mobile computer, but to me it sucks as a communication tool which is what I value most when I'm mobile (I own tablets for killing time with apps and games). Android still feels a little sloppy/not elegant/nerdtastic to me, and I hate the fact they have so many phones coming out all the time. I'm the kind of person who wants to have the best device of the platform I'm on. With Android that seemingly changes every few weeks. Don't Android owners get mad when they buy a new phone thinking it's awesome only to discover a few weeks later that it's already been deemed obselete by another new model? I know it's more about experience than specs these days, but still... I want the best experience and specs. As for Windows Phone, I honestly haven't spent too much time on it. It looks kind of fun and pretty, but I kinda gave up on Microsoft a few years back when I went Mac for my computers and have yet to be convinced to give them my business again. As for webOS... well... I know they could use my business, but they're not even making phones anymore (hence I'm leaving them out of the poll above. Sorry guys). Honestly, I'm not even sure which of other three major mobile platforms I would pick as my primary one if I were to switch - which makes me wonder what other crazy CrackBerry addicts like myself would go for, if not BlackBerry. I'll be curious to see how the community votes on this one. Makes me realize it's time for us to do another cross site, cross platform comparison. Stay tuned for that!

I'm just hoping somebody will sell me a Porsche Design P'9981 from BlackBerry this week (or maybe a BlackBerry London or BlackBerry Nevada or BlackBerry Milan) and I'll fall in love with BlackBerry all over again and forget the frustrations of the past month. There's nothing like the fresh scent of a new BlackBerry to make your troubles melt away...