The Iconify application allows you to access your favourite websites, files/folders and contacts, with the use of a simple link on your homescreen. It’s faster than book marks, more powerful than hotkeys, able to leap tall buildings in a...wait, I’m thinking of something else now. Iconify can help you choose what type of contact you want to make; IconifyMailLink handles multiple email addresses, SMS and PIN numbers, while IconifyDialLink takes care of multiple numbers. These links can be personalized with your own images as well. We actually had a chance to review an earlier version of Iconify back in March.

A few days ago, Matthias emailed me to let me know of the latest update to Iconify. Here is what he had to share:

What's New?

  • Dialogs that require textual user input will now all render the input fields with a border - This change should make it way more easier to identify in which area of the dialog you can specify additional values.
  • Reading Webpage Titles for Iconify-WebLinks will now handle entities.
  • Iconify can deal with BES-ProxyServers that require authentication

What's Fixed?

  • Connection issues fixed
  • "Numbers to Hide" working now also with 'Others'

Iconify comes in a 50 link version for $3.99 or a 15 link version for $2.49. There is also a 14 day free trial available that allows you to manage 10 links. You can pick up either version of Iconify from the CrackBerry App Store.

  • Pick up the 15 Link version of Iconify for BlackBerry Smartphones >>
  • Pick up the 50 Link version of Iconify for BlackBerry Smartphones >>

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