If you're all-in with Apple, you've most likely been using iCloud Drive (to some extent) to store docs in the cloud. When making the move to Android, iCloud Drive is unfortunately no longer an option, so you'll have to move anything you want to keep over to Google Drive so it's available on your Android device.

As with most transfer processes like this — yes — it's a pain. But the good news is we're here to help ease the pain.

How to transfer iCloud Drive files to Google Drive using desktop apps

The big caveat here is that you'll need to some desktop apps on Mac or PC to transfer these files. Once that's done, you can go back to being mobile and staying in the cloud.

First off, grab the Google Drive app for your computer and install it.

Mac users will already have iCloud Drive, but PC users will need to download the iCloud Drive app as well before moving forward.

If you're on a Mac, you automatically have iCloud Drive. If you're on a PC, you'll need to download the iCloud Drive app before getting started.

  1. Open two Finder windows (Mac) or File Explorer windows (PC).
  2. Click iCloud Drive in the left bar in one window.
  3. Click Google Drive in the left bar in the other window.
  4. Click the top file in the iCloud Drive folder.
  5. Hold the shift key and click the bottom file in the iCloud Drive folder.
  6. Click and drag all of your files over to the Google Drive folder.

Yes, you're just copying and pasting your files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive, but you still need the apps to do it easily. If you don't want to use the apps, or can't for some reason, you can try the web approach.

How to transfer iCloud files to Google Drive on the web

If you aren't a fan of desktop apps or you just prefer the more tedious web method, you can still achieve the same result but you'll spend a lot more time doing it (or if you just have a few files to move).

For this method, simply log in to your iCloud Drive and download each file you want to transfer. Once that's done, re-upload those files to Google Drive. Yes, that's it. The process isn't all that hard, but it becomes extremely time-consuming if you have a lot of files.

Android Away!

Once you complete the process, you files will be in Google Drive an available across your devices!

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