Ice Age Village

For those of you still rocking a BlackBerry 7 smartphone you may well be interested to hear that the hit title from Gameloft 'Ice Age Village' is sitting in BlackBerry World ready for playing. Free to download, the game is much the same as it is on BlackBerry 10 and although I tested it out on my Bold 9900 I'm not sure how the experience will be without a touch screen - although it is available for the Curve devices. 

The game certainly isn't my cup of tea, but I took a quick peek on Google Play and it shows not far off a million reviews so I can't even imagine how many downloads it has had on all available mobile platforms. 

If you fancy creating your own Ice Age Village, hatching babies and growing families then this is the game for you.

*Disclaimer* - Here at CrackBerry we take no responsibility for any addictions that may occur from downloading such games!

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