iBerry 2.0 Plus BlackBerry Theme

Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!!! Not only did Bplay bring back the Crossbar theme from limbo, but they've gone ahead and added a near whack-load of awesome "Next Gen" themes to their treasure chest of BlackBerry goodies. Pictured above is the iBerry 2.0 Today Plus theme. As you can tell from screenshots, the Today Plus style themes pack a LOT onto the homescreen. You can also pick up the Today Plus themes in Reflex and Tickled Pink stylings. PC users will want to check out the Explorer theme and Mac fans the Finder theme. Get a sneak peak at each after the jump! Like I said... Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!!!

 Next Gen BlackBerry Themes from Bplay
 iBerry iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme
The ever popular iBerry 2.0 now features all the functionality of a Today style theme, with a popup set of 5 customizable zen style icons at the bottom.
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 Reflex Reflex Today Plus Theme
Like slipping on an evening jacket, the Reflex theme adds a touch of sophisticated cool to your BlackBerry. Even cooler is the addition of a set of popup zen style icons at the bottom.
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 Tickled Pink Tickled Pink Today Plus Theme
Brighten your day with Tickled Pink, the mood-enhancing theme for BlackBerry. The today style is perfectly complimented with 5 customizable zen style icons at the bottom that popup when needed.
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 Explorer Explorer Theme
Take your PC Desktop to your BlackBerry with Explorer. Features a unique interface, with a PC-like bottom toolbar, pop-up menus and a full icon set.
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 Finder Finder Theme
Bring your dock to your BlackBerry with Bplay's exclusive Finder theme. A fully customizable set of clean custom icons are set at the bottom of the screen to keep everything nice and neat.
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 Crossbar Crossbar Theme
Break the boundaries of traditional themes with Crossbar. A unique scrolling bar of crisp icons keeps everything you need at your finger tips, and messages and calendar items keep you up to date.
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