Z10 vs. Q10

When it comes to the great debate of Z10 vs. Q10, I'm still personally undecided. Honestly, I like both. A lot. I've been switching back and forth between them every few days and I get along just fine on either. Each phone has its benefits over the other of course. People who love having a physical keyboard are going to be drawn to the Q10 no matter what, but I love the touch keyboard and bigger display on the Z10, so the decision isn't as simple for me.

One factor I haven't really considered before in the Z10 vs. Q10 decision is price. Walking through some local cell phone shops on the weekend, it jumped out at me just how BIG the difference in price between the Z10 and Q10 can be right now. Per the photo above, on contract Telus is currently selling the Q10 in Canada for $199.99 vs. $49.99 for the Z10. Over the monthly cost of a three year contract, the $150 difference is pretty irrelevant, but it's hard to ignore the difference when it's upfront at time of purchase. 

I pretty much spend all my money on electronic gadgets, so don't really worry about price when buying a new phone. I just buy the phone I want (and to be honest, normally just have to buy outright vs. sign contracts as I buy too many). I fully realize this is not normal behavior. Most people I know definitely look at the upfront contract price when buying their new phones.

So I'm just wondering... as far as the Z10 vs. Q10 debate goes, for you would the difference in cost play into which phone you ultimately chose if you're still on the fence? If you were originally thinking about getting the Q10, would being able to pick up a Z10 for $150 less steer you to going all touch? Or would you just pick Z10 or Q10, and pay whatever you have to pay, whether it's more or less? I'm really curious, so let me know in the comments!!

SIDE NOTE: I still hate tie wraps. You'll notice in the photo above, the Q10 is missing. Apparently somebody stole it from the local best buy. And below, notice all those Z10s and Q10s are under tie wraps. That's at a local Rogers store I visited. I asked them why the hell they still have tie wraps on the phones -- which makes getting a good demo next to impossible -- and they replied because people keep stealing the phones. Crazy. And annoying.

I still hate tie wraps