One of the biggest concerns with BlackBerry 10 is that there aren't enough apps to please the masses. The obvious names of Netflix, Instagram, Vine and other "big name" apps come to mind. 

Cruising the CrackBerry forums I came across this thread where there is a great discussion on the ecosystem of BlackBerry 10 and whether the app issue truly is to blame for poor consumer adoption. I'm one that has never really cared too much about the bigger apps and more so about being productive on my device. As long as I can make calls, email, BBM, SMS and browse the web I don't really reach too far for apps that will make my device more "fun". 

I seriously think the lack of netflix or instagram is not the reason why people are not buying into bb10Sniper06, CB Member

Of course I have a handful of apps that I like to have on my device, and thankfully (for now) most of them are offered in BlackBerry World or I've been able to sideload a working version. But for some, not having these apps is a big problem and looked at as steering people away to other platforms. 

The argument is and has always been there that BlackBerry needs to step up the apps. They've slowly been adding bigger apps like Skype and Flipboard although they are limited to a specific OS or device, rough Android ports or just sub-par offerings. While I can't disagree with the fact that people want apps, we want to know if it's make or break for you and if you think that the app problem is really what's keeping people away from BlackBerry.

Hit up the forums thread below and lend your thoughts (keep things civil). Are the apps that you need available? Would bigger name apps help sell devices? Let's hear what you have to say!

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