BlackBerry Messenger

First things first, my name is Isaac and I am a Crackberry addict (Hi Isaac!). My first BlackBerry device was the 950 running on Mobitex, so my love affair goes back to the beginning. Unlike fans of other devices made by other fruit companies, I feel it is OK to point out that there are in fact other devices in existence that are in fact decent. I've moved over to other devices over the years, but I promised Bla1ze to keep my love for other devices low-key. Every time I've stray to the "mistress of the day", I never go far because my BlackBerry Messenger always calls me home.  I have this strange feeling like I can't ever leave BBM and I don't know why.

Why do we think BBM is something we can't give up?

Looking at the big picture from the perspective of someone who's not a BlackBerry user, I think it's bizarre we are willing adopt an IM client that only works on the BlackBerry.  This non-BlackBerry user would ask "Why not Google Talk or AIM?"  It's a good question; after all they both work cross platform on any smartphones and desktops.

While I'm flirting with my another device, my BBM status says "Use Twitter or GTalk" Twitter has become very useful while I'm playing around on my 9700 but I'm still feeling a little homesick for the little 'D' and 'R' beside messages I send.

Is that it? Do we like the delivered or read confirmation? Is it because BBM uses less data than other IM clients which reduces the networks criminal roaming rates?  Perhaps it's the cool 2D barcode for adding new contacts? I have yet come up with a real reason why I need BBM. As much as I love my new toy made by the good folks in Mountain View, I can assure my friends in Waterloo I'll be home soon. Or maybe, unlike me, you don't need to have BBM. Maybe you're just using it "because it's there". Please leave your comments telling us why you can/can't live without BBM, I'm rather curious to see other's thoughts on why BBM is a sticking factor for BlackBerry.

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