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Have you ever purchased an application and wanted to customize it: add your own wallpapers, change up the notification sounds, or add some videos? Well the folks over at i-Mentalist have found a way to do just that with their latest innovation, FUZZengine. What is FUZZengine you might ask? At the moment, FUZZengine is a soon to be released service that allows users to download or purchase video wallpaper loops, image wallpapers, and sounds directly to their third party of native applications. At the moment it is available as a free add-on for the BlackBerry Playook as a wallpaper downloader only. However, that's only a tip of the iceberg of what it will eventually be capable of. Click on the jump to find out more!

FUZZengine will soon allow people to personalize and customize their native and third party applications with these same wallpapers, videos, and sounds. What this boils down to is that developers can add FUZZengine to their application to give end users the ability to customize the app with the available content. For example, let's say you have a standard alarm clock application. By including FUZZengine, users could rotate the wallpaper, change the sound when the alarm goes off, or add a video loop to wake up to whatever they download or purchase.

Once you register to use the service all content downloaded (free and premium), will be stored on their soon to be released SkyParrot advanced cloud service. Not only can you delete content from your device to access later like App World, but anything you download and purchase will be available on all your devices no matter which platform you own (BlackBerry smartphones, Android and Apple coming soon) with just one login and password. 


  • FUZZengineTM personalizing application (add-on) is free to download and use together with native or FUZZengineTM enabled applications.
  • Use video wallpaper loops, add image wallpapers or add new sounds to your native or third-party applications.
  • It's FREE! Download it now and personalize your applications with new features!
  • Use video loops or images from FUZZengineTM as wallpapers or sounds, as alarms or ringtones inside native or supported third-party applications.
  • FUZZengineTM will not only add new features to your app, but will also save your wallpapers, videos and sounds on our SkyParrot cloud, if not in use at the moment. You are able to re-download them at any time.
  • IMPORTANT: We are working with developers all around the world to provide you with as much as possible FUZZengine enabled applications. Keep in mind that till you have FUZZengine enabled aplication, FUZZengine will not be able to play videos or audio files on your device. You can still use FUZZengine to change your wallpaper!

While we wait for i-Mentlist to unleash the full capabilities of FUZZengine in an application with their upcoming release of Slotch, you can sample all that it offers with the PlayBook application by downloading the amazing high resolution and widescreen wallpapers. i-Mentalist is constantly adding content and obtained the copyrights for all of the videos, images, and sounds featured.

Right now I'm perfectly content with searching through their catalog to finding just the right wallpaper. The interface is easy to use and all of your downloads are easily accessible in the Pictures folder. I for one think this is a great idea and am anxious to get my hands on a few of these FUZZengine enabled applications. Just think of the possibilities.

FUZZengine CrackBerry wallpaper

As an added bonus for our readers, i-Mentalist uploaded two awesome CrackBerry wallpapers to their FUZZengine content for you to download and enjoy. Be sure to check them out for both landscape and portrait mode. 

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