I'll be on honest. Before June 1st, I had never really used the Story Maker app on BlackBerry 10. That's not to say I had never opened the app before. I absolutely became familiar with Story Maker when BB10 launched. I made a few quick throw away videos from clips and photos on my phone, just so I knew how it all worked, and I've spent some time in the app since monkeying around with it so if and when I'd need to use it, I'd know what to do. I knew it was a good app, but I didn't realize just how good it was until now.

To kick off #MobileFit Month, I decided I'd start things off with a fun video (shirt on, unlike this one). Historically, as a "tech blogger" that means I bust out my SLR or Camcorder and some audio gear to record with, then do the video editing on my computer. It tends to be a lot of work, which I kind of hate as I'd prefer something quick and simple, but since everybody seems to hate us posting low quality video content it's something we put effort into. But with more of Rocky-themed vintage montage video in my mind for this video, I had some room to maneuver on quality. I was also limited in the amount of time I had available that morning, so whatever I chose to do, I had to get it done quick. Using my BlackBerry Z30 to capture video and editing using Story Maker appeared to be the best solution.

[ Read CrackBerry's Tutorial on Using Story Maker on the Z30 ]

And it absolutely was. Be sure to watch the video above to see the product of an hour's work. I had a friend of mine do the video recording on the Z30, and it did a great job delivering high quality shots. After we captured a bunch of short clips, I fired up Story Maker to put it all together. The Vintage theme was perfect for a Rocky montage effect. Editing within Story Maker to move the clips around and adjust their individual start and stop times was effortless. The Z30's big touchscreen is just a pleasure to work on and the software is buttery smooth. It took me just a couple minutes to edit everything together, and from there it was uploading to youtube directly. Never mind being efficient and productive, it was actually a FUN experience as well. I'd love to be able to do all my CrackBerry Videos like this — with all recording and editing done on the phone itself. (I have a wish list I'm building for some of the other features I still need to see to be able to do just that. Overall though, I LOVE Story Maker. I want to make a video montage out of EVERYTHING! :)

CrackBerry Asks: Have you used Story Maker on your BlackBerry 10?

Having been a BlackBerry 10 user for nearly a year and half but only now realizing just how truly awesome Story Maker is, I can't help but wonder where the rest of CrackBerry Nation fits in. Does Story Maker sit there an unused app on your phone? Do you use it occasionally? Do you use it all the time? Be sure to vote on the poll below, and let me know in the comments your thoughts on Story Maker. If you've done anything truly exceptional with Story Maker, be sure to copy and paste into your comment the URL to youtube where it's living. I'd love to see it.