BlackBerry Addict Usage!

Every now and then an application comes along that makes you stop and think, what took so long for this to be made? I Love BlackBerry is one of those applications. We all suffer from some level of BlackBerry addiction, ranging from moderate to extremely cracked out on BlackBerry. I Love BlackBerry finally helps you with determining where it is you stand with the seriousness of your addiction. The free application allows you to track the usage of your BlackBerry down to the second, weekly, monthly or overall average basis. Spend more time on your BlackBerry then actually working? Now you can track that as well with the built in timers.

Compatible with all devices running 4.3 OS and higher, I can't wait to see my usage for a month. Be sure to check it out and all I can say is it's a good thing my job REQUIRES BlackBerry usage. Check out more screenshots and information at EarlySail.

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