Earlier this week while in Las Vegas for CES 2014, I went to the Porsche Design store and bought myself the new Porsche Design P'9982. The full touchscreen P'9982 is essentially a $1990 pimped up version of the Z10. It's crazy expensive, but I'm loving it. If you missed the video we made of the purchase experience, you should definitely watch it

Still here in Vegas, I walked into the store again today to say thanks to the staff for being so cooperative on letting us shoot the P'9982 video. As soon as I walked in the store though, a glimmer of gold caught my eye (longtime CrackBerry readers know I LOVE GOOOOLLLLD).

It turns out on Friday the store finally just received in stock its first gold P'9981. There are only TWENTY FIVE of these limited edition units in the world, and this one was labeled 25/25 (in a limited run, the first and last units are always highly coveted). The cost for this gold beauty is an insanely expensive $25,000. And NO, I didn't buy it. I'm crazy, but not *that* crazy. Remember, the P'9981 is essentially a Bold 9900, running the BlackBerry 7 OS.

Be sure to check out the photos of the device in this post. For more info, you can hit the product page on the Porsche Design website. Oh, and if you are crazy enough to go out and buy this thing, tell them CrackBerry Kevin sent you. Maybe they'll cut me a commission so I can pay off my P'9982. :)