Fans of Hypoxia that are also BlackBerry 6 users will be glad to see this arrive. Hypoxia, the media player that not only plays music and videos from your network, but is also capable of streaming to devices has been updated for BlackBerry 6. Aside from being a great standalone media player, Hypoxias ability to stream that media to a wide array of devices is really the key feature. With Hypoxia you can:

  • Stream From: Your home, or work network using supported apps like Windows Media Player, TVersity and more with Hypoxia!
  • Stream To: All of your supported upnp devices like: Xbox 360, Windows Media Player, or another BlackBerry! 

With other features such as full skinning support, Twitter integration and custom playlists and more, Hypoxia is an all around awesome media player. The application does cost $7.99 but, if getting the most of the media on your device is what you need then Hypoxias fits that area nicely. Be sure to read the full list of features and information available in the CrackBerry App Store. Oh and if you do decide to pick it up, make sure you grab the CrackBerry skin that was designed for Hypoxia via their website download. The skin was designed by Mr. Mike Hepples, himself. :) 

  • Click Here To Learn More About And To Purchase Hypoxia>>

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