I refuse to use the native media players on my BlackBerry. They function well, but there are a few reasons I eschew them. One major gripe for me is having to use a different app for each type of media I want to play. I have tried a few different apps over the last while, trying to find a better fit for my needs, and have found Flipside to be a great music alternative, and I'm currently using Good Video Browser for my vids. The problem is the same though, I still need a different app for each type of media. Hypoxia aims to solve that problem, giving me a one-stop shop for all my media needs and putting all of the media on my device within easy reach. No more having to exit out of my music player to look at pics I have taken. The UI is simple and clean, and a fair number of options are available within the app, including the increasingly popular ability to tweet what I'm listening to. One very cool feature is the ability to stream my media to/from my PC (uses a separate server program, available from their website) allowing me to access my entire music and video library right on my device. The developer has also integrated notifications into the app, allowing you to preview incoming emails, SMS, etc without ever having to leave the application, so you can decide if you want to answer that text from your wife or wait until the song is done. The most exciting thing about this app for me is that it is fully skinnable. Those who want to can create their own skins for the app, allowing a huge customization option for those out there who feel the need to make everything unique to themselves. Available in the CB store for $7.99 for multiple devices.

Contest: I have 25 copies of Hypoxia to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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