Storm Contest!

Our Halloween midnight deadline is just around the corner, so get your entry in Now!!

So you want a BlackBerry Storm? What Would You Be Willing To Do For A Free One? Luck of the draw won't play a roll in this contest... PROVE TO US you are one of the ten craziest CrackBerry Addicts out there most deserving of a FREE BlackBerry and we are going to give you one!

The premise here is simple. You have until Midnight PST on Halloween night to tell us What You Would Do for a free BlackBerry Storm (or any other BlackBerry smartphone of your choosing). From there we'll go through all of the What Would You Dos submitted and contact the ten contestants who are willing to do the most to get their hands on a FREE BlackBerry Storm (no ideas that are potentially harmful or illegal will be selected though... while fighting a Bear would be cool, we'd rather see you keep your BlackBerry thumbs intact).

The catch? This isn't lip service. If you're selected as a winner, to receive your free BlackBerry you're going to have earn it by following through and actually doing what you said you would do! Once we receive your video and photo evidence we'll send you your new BlackBerry!

For all of the contest details and to submit your What Would You Do, visit the WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A BLACKBERRY STORM? contest page. Time is running out, so HURRY!

A HUGE Thank You goes out to our friends and external sponsors who helped make this event possible: Viigo, Horizon Wireless and BlackBerry Made Simple.