Hulu has arrived on iPhone/iPad, will we see a BlackBerry version?

When Steve Jobs proclaimed that there would be no flash on the iPhone, iPod or iPad it really left a lot of folks wondering about how exactly, most of their video content was going to be delivered. As it turns out, the video experience on those devices is simply put, doing quite well. One key player that folks were concerned about was Hulu. Well, as of yesterday Hulu is now available on the iPhone/iPad no problem at all.

Now with the announcement of Hulu being released for those devices, BlackBerry users are left to wonder if it will eventually be available to them. When signing up for a Hulu preview invite, you are asked if you are a BlackBerry user so maybe this is a sign of things to come? As of now, Bitbop is certainly going to lead the pack on streaming video content for BlackBerry but again, if Hulu arrives will users adopt it? Better question, who thinks Hulu will actually see the light of day on a BlackBerry device? Sound off in the comments folks.