HugSoft Promo

Not too long ago we introduced you to Editor, a simple application for creating and modifying text files as well as offering a promo code to try it for free. HugSoft is back again offering another round of promo codes but this time for a few of their applications.

Now there are four applications to choose from each with a promo code worth 100 free copies. As we all know, there is a short time period with which to grab these free copies so act quickly before the codes are exhausted.

Each application offers a variety of functions, vary in price, and are all native BlackBerry 10 applications.

To redeem each of the codes, all you have to do is swipe down from the top bezel in BlackBerry World and tap on Redeem, enter in the code that corresponds to the application you wish to download and tap on the green free button.

You can also browse through HugSoft's entire catalog via the link below.

More information and download of all HugSoft's apps

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