Have a set of Philips Hue lights in your home or elsewhere? If so, then you no doubt noticed there's not a lot of compatible apps for them on BlackBerry 10, let alone a native official app offered up by Philips. Thankfully, there's a lot of smart native BlackBerry devs out there and because of that, there's now a native solution filtering through BlackBerry World right now. With deep integration into the BlackBerry 10, you can now conveniently control your lights with Hue Companion.

  • Easy guided configuration of your Hue lights and Bridge
  • Full control over precise hue, saturation and brightness of each individual lamp
  • Full control over precise hue, saturation and brightness of all lamps at once
  • Save 'scenes' - your favourite combinations of lights set exactly as you want them!
  • Administer your lights - change their names to suit their locations precisely Set Schedules to turn them on and off Fully integrated into BlackBerry 10 Hub
  • Fully BBM integrated app - make your friends aware of your new toys - share via BBM, Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn - Share your favourite 'scenes' via QR code with your friends via BBM or Email - Scan in your friends 'scenes' via QR code to use their favourite lighting settings
  • Advanced integration with a Pebble Smartwatch - set your lights on/off or activate a 'scene' all from your wrist (Talk2Watch Pro app required)
  • Upfront active frame integration (requires 3rd party app Upfront)

So how does it work? Well, Kevin has a set of Hue lights and he tested the app on his Z30 for us and reports it definitely works. The screen shortcuts for things like making all lights blue or orange, or picking scenes like sunset or reading are awesome and even though some of the advanced features may take some time to get used to, they're great to have implemented.

So how much does the convenience cost? Well, Hue Companion is available in BlackBerry World for $2.99 which, considering all that it does and being a native app is a pretty darn good price! We'll be looking for get a further review up for you all interested but for now, you can grab the app by hitting the link.

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