Crazy schedules and today's fragmented workplace create a need for services that allow groups to collaborate on projects without the need to be in the same room. The ability to have every member of a group given access to the ideas, materials, and progress of a group can make the difference in a contract being landed, or a new presentation being done on time. There are services out there in the market right now that have been offering this ability for a long time, but there are few available on the BlackBerry platform. One in particular that I have used is Upvise, which gets the job done, but can be very clunky and hard to manage.

Lately, I have had the opportunity (or app-ortunity, inside joke) to give a new application a whirl, and I'm pleased to say that it has treated me very well in the process. Huddle is no stranger to the group collaboration service, having an online service that has been going strong and helping businesses for quite a while. They have just released their BlackBerry application into App World, taking productivity to new levels for businesses willing to make the change.

The app itself has a very professional, clean UI, with a dashboard front and center for easy navigation, broken down into "workspaces", "tasks". "Files", and a "What's New" section that really helps when you have a large group contributing, allowing you to see everything that has been added since your last login at a glance. Moving into a workspace allows for the down and dirty work, setting and managing tasks, editing and uploading files, participate in discussions, and see who is currently sharing the workspace. One feature I found extremely useful is the "Whiteboard" section of the workspace, which acts as a kind of group board, allowing information like meeting minutes, etc to be shared and kept accessible for the group.

Available for a one-time cost of $5.99 in App World, check it out today, it may very well change the way you do business.

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