Hub2Watch update includes a new color watchface for Pebble Time users

If you're a Pebbler on BlackBerry 10, you'll know that Talk2Watch Pro is the third party app to give you notifications and all the rest. To enhance the experience a companion app was created by another developer called Hub2Watch. This app could catch all notifications that went into the Hub. You can't see the contents of the messages but it was a nice way to see the unread count for the different accounts you have in the Hub. Hub2Watch has just seen an update and it brings along some new watchfaces with some color options for Pebble Time owners.

As a quick recap, Hub2Watch comes with some watchfaces where you can see one, four or six Hub notification icons. And there was the ability to auto-switch between the watchfaces depending on how many unread accounts you had. The developer has now managed to put three watchfaces into one that will do the same thing. What's more, if you're a Pebble Time (Steel) owner, you now have the ability to change the color of the top and bottom of the watchface as well as the font. To do this just go into the watchface settings within Talk2Watch. There is also a new analogue watch available. With this watchface you can't see notifications at a glance, instead you have to shake your wrist to get a glimpse of you Hub unread count.

Hub2Watch Color Configuration

If you would prefer to have them work as a watch app instead of a watchface, there is now a watch app version. It does exactly the same thing except you can assign a shortcut to the app. It's for those who like to also use other watchfaces but every so often would like to check up on the Hub.

To install the new watchfaces or watchapp, just go into Hub2Watch, swipe down from the top and tap Watchfaces, then go ahead and install the watchface or app of your choice. It is best to uninstall all previous watchfaces via Talk2Watch Pro before doing so. You may also have to delete the Hub2Watch script within Talk2Watch Pro and re-run the Tutorial in Hub2Watch if you find that it's not functioning properly. With this update (v2.0.1.1), there is an issue with the watchfaces if you're an original Pebble (Steel) owner - they seem to be crashing. The developer is aware of the issue and a next update is already on its way. For now, if you want to try out the new watchfaces, you can install them via the official Pebble app. Again, this is only if you're an original Pebble user, including the Pebble Steel.

Hub2Watch Watchface Installation

Hub2Watch v2.0.1.1 full changelog

  • New Hub2Watch color watchface, also compatible with original Pebble. Colors are customizable through Appstore (in Talk2Watch, only Pebble Time can customize colors). This color watchface switches automatically between 1, 4 and 6 slots, you don't need to have 3 watchfaces installed as before, it's all part of the same watchface
  • Added a new analog watchface, compatible with both original Pebble and Pebble Time (not configurable)
  • Added a watchapp version for 2 of the 3 watchfaces (they share the same UUID (unique identifier), you can't have the same watchapp/watchface versions installed at the same time)
  • The watch will not vibrate (no matter what's your settings) when the phone is in Bedside Mode. This only applies to Hub2Watch vibrations, I can't control the vibration when you receive a notification from Talk2Watch (new email, new SMS, etc.)
  • When installing the app, only certain predefined accounts were enabled by default (Email, SMS, etc.). Now, any account is enabled by default, you can disable any account in Settings page.
  • Changed the wrist shake option name, it's now called 'Show Calendar On Wrist Shake'. If you disable it, the second screen is not shown but the Pebble battery state and BB battery state is shown for 5 seconds instead of the date.
  • Added a Help Page
  • Added a 'Changelog' button
  • Changed Settings page layout a bit
  • Fixed vibration bug
  • Many bug fixes

As per usual, if you already own Hub2Watch, the update is free. For new users, Hub2Watch will cost you $1.99 and it is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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