In addition to the Hub and Calendar beta updates being sent out, BlackBerry also released new BlackBerry Hub+ Services update. Below is the changelog which highlights some important notes for the update due to Google Play policy changes in how SMS and calls are handled.

Hub+ Services

  • Due to Google Play policy changes, sent text messages are no longer available in BlackBerry Hub
  • Due to Google Play policy changes, call logs in BlackBerry Hub are no longer available on some devices
  • See received text messages and call logs in BlackBerry Hub (depending on your device) by granting permission for BlackBerry Hub+ Services to access notifications

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, when you load up the Hub after the update, sent text messages will not be viewable in the Hub nor will any old received text messages. They'll still be in your text messaging app, however. Going forward, only newly received text messages will be viewable in the BlackBerry Hub provided you allow for the new permissions.

Much of the same applies for your call logs as well. After install it will show no call log, they'll all still be in your phone app, however. Going forward, new incoming, outgoing, missed calls will appear in the Hub provided you allow for the new permissions and are using a supported device such as a BlackBerry, Samsung running Oreo or higher or a Google Pixel.

The changes certainly are not the best, but unfortunately, Google laid down the policies and plenty of app developers have run into similar issues when trying to work around them. Luckily, BlackBerry has done their best to work within the policies Google set and still offer a great Hub experience.

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