For you folk that like to use Hub Browser for BlackBerry 10 you'll want to be hitting up BlackBerry World today as an update should be waiting for you. This update is primarily focussed on security (with the inclusion of the new feature 'Timelock' and an application password) but also implemented are other features, based on user feedback.

With BlackBerry 10 users being creatures of productivity, we all value the wonderful BlackBerry Hub. If you've not looked into Hub Browser before it essentially allows you to open web pages from within the hub itself, users may view and open web links sent via email, text messages, or any other application.

This cuts out switching between the Hub and the native BlackBerry 10 browser which doesn't automatically get opened when Hub Browser is installed - clever.

Press Release

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM – Tundra Core Studios, an application development company  developing exclusively for the BlackBerry 10® platform, today released a major update to its  renowned web browsing application: Hub Browser.  Hub Browser is a browsing component that enables users to open links within their current  application; ensuring that efficiency is kept to a high standard

New to this release:

  1. Application Password – Set up a password to be entered whenever you open a link

  2. Timelock – The latest advancement in app security, enable a timer – in conjunction with the application password – to lock the application periodically

  3. URL Shortening Integration – For on-the-fly sharing of links, integration with a new URL shortening platform has been added

"We have been diligently working on adding features that will improve the Hub Browser experience and with the introduction of Timelock, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver on security to ensure that our users can remain safe and secure whilst browsing the web and reading through important information when using Hub Browser," says Toby Clench, Managing Director at Tundra Core Studios.

Hub browser comes with a price tag of $0.99 which looks good value for money if you ask me.

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