It wasn't too long ago that I told you about a handy productivity application from Tundra Core Studios called Hub Browser. It's main purpose is to grant users quick and easy access to links sent via text, email, or any other location in the BlackBerry 10 OS, without having to leave the Hub or current application.

Plain and simple, instead of your device launching the BlackBerry 10 browser each and every time you tap on a link, it allows you to view from within the application you are currently using. This means no switching back and forth between applications which saves you time.

This latest update brings with it updates and improvements which are shown below.

  • Added URL in the toast for 'Copy URL'
  • Added clear cache when CARD is opened/closed
  • Added German language support - courtesy of
  • Added option to contact BBM Channel in the card directly
  • Added option to always use full screen mode (located in Settings)
  • Added Peek
  • Added removal of title bar on scroll
  • Added settings page
  • Added support for BlackBerry Passport
  • Added support for saving images
  • Optimized Memory usage
  • Updated 'Find on Page' text

This useful application certainly saves a few clicks throughout your day. The developer is open to suggestions so be sure to do so through the leave feedback button within the application so they can add even more features in the next update. Hub Browser is $0.99 for BlackBerry 10

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