HTML5 specs finally finalized

The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, has announced that it has finally finalized the specs for the HTML5 standard after almost eight years of work. This should allow rich content to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. Though parts of HTML5 have been used by web developers over the years, the final W3C recommendation is now ready.

W3C head Jeff Jaffe said of the standard:

HTML5 brings the next generation of the Web. It wasn't so long ago that the Web was about browsing static documents. Today's Web is a much richer platform. We're now at a stable state that everyone can build to the standard and be certain that it will be implemented in all browsers. If we didn't have complete interoperability, we wouldn't have one Web.

The HTML5 standard may serve as a stepping stone for the future Open Web Platform, which could help drive even more cross-platform web apps in the future, with PC World reporting:

Moving froward, the W3C is developing specifications for real-time communications, electronic payments and application development. It is also creating a set of safeguards for privacy and security.

If you want to view the final specs for HTML5, be sure to visit the W3C.

Are you happy that the W3C has finally sorted out all the standards that go into creating the final recommendation for HTML5 for a richer, cross-platform Internet experience?

Source: W3C, PC World