HTC Touch Theme!

Now this is slick.  Typically I don't like themes that are mock ups of other devices such as Windows Mobile or Android.  I feel like if I wanted a Windows Mobile theme, I'd have bought a Windows Mobile device, right? But this one is different. This is like a splash of HTC's TouchFlo smacked with BlackBerry branding.  This theme has some serious looking animations, all compiled into a theme that flows much better then even the devices it's based on. HTC Touch Slide by forums member KDJayo is just simply beautiful.

With Quicklaunch integration, huge animated sliding icons and "hidden" buttons all over this place, all I can really say is I'm throughly impressed by this one. If not only by how slick it looks, but how it functions as well. If you want to see the theme in full action you can check out the Youtube posting of the video. As well, KDJayo has incuded some sexy custom wallpapers in the original forums post. Sadly, currently only available for the Storm at this point.  The cost is just right for this kind of theme and you can pick it up for only $5. I can only imagine the time it took for this one.