HSPA PlayBook

Just over a year ago RIM announced that they would be adding a LTE and HSPA+ version of the BlackBerry PlayBook into the mix along with the WiFi one. We saw Sprint decide to go against the Wi-Max version and many thought RIM would do the same with these. Earlier this year however the leaked roadmap revealed the HSPA+ version again, and now it has strolled its way right through the FCC. Unfortunately not much new information is carried along with it, but if rumors are true we could potentially see NFC and a 1.5GHz processor packed onto the HSPA+ version.

Is an HSPA+ PlayBook something you'd be interested in? Would you rather your PlayBook have its own data connection or is wifi working fine for you? Sound off in the comments!

Update: And with the blink of an eye the LTE model has hit the FCC as well.  Judging by the bands this shows support for AT&T in the US or any of the big three Canadian carriers.

Source: FCC(1) (2); via: Engadet