The HSBC mobile banking app is a little late to the BlackBerry 10 party but better late than never. Unfortunately for UK customers it is an Android port and not native, but from experience with other similar applications I'm sure it works just fine. Not being an HSBC customer I can't test this one out but I did download it from BlackBerry World just because I could.

Main features of the HSBC app include:

  • View your account balances and transaction history

  • Move money

  • Use Paym to send and receive payments using just a mobile number

Great news for HSBC customers, but while I'm on the subject what ever happened to the native NatWest app we were promised in February 2013. That one didn't ever arrive, although you can grab the Android version from the various third party stores.

If you are in the UK and a HSBC customer give this one a go and let us know how it performs please?

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