Stern Trades Up Palm For BlackBerry!

The shock jock of Sirius has become a BlackBerry convert. Long time Palm user Howard Stern is trading in all things Palm after getting himself a hands-on demo of the Pre last week. As an avid user of Lotus Notes only to be told that the Palm Pre would not be supporting the synch services directly, Stern seeked out a new passion for mobile devices and found that love within the BlackBerry Bold.

Now while all this is good and I'd really like to see Howard toting around a sexy BlackBerry Bold, the reasoning behind his choice has already been debunked by the good folks over Ya see, if Howard had asked all the right questions or if Palm had presented this option to him we may not have had such a massive smack in the face to Palm going on right now. Reason being as PreCentral points out, forthcoming software for the Pre WILL meet Howard's needs for synching with Lotus Notes. So the ball is in Palm's court I guess, maybe they should give Howard another demo once the Companion Link software is up and running. Though Palm had better hurry... once you go BlackBerry, you never go back!