This week our Talk Mobile discussion is all about mobile apps, and what better place for us to start than with BlackBerry World?

Since April 1, 2009, BlackBerry World (or BlackBerry App World as it was then) has been dishing up applications to BlackBerry users across the globe. We've seen more than a few incarnations of BlackBerry World over the years, most recently with BlackBerry 10. In the past users were only able to download apps and games through the BlackBerry World store but now, BB World integrates both a video store and music store making for a one-stop shopping experience on BlackBerry.

While BB World certainly does a great job at listing top apps, trending items, top movies and albums - there are still some things that could be improved to make it even better. The content grows bigger and bigger every day, making it harder and harder to find the really great apps. To aid in the search there are a few improvements we'd like to see to help make the BlackBerry World experience the best it can be.

A few of the top suggestions we have to improve BlackBerry World.

  • Better Search - Often times the search functions within the store aren't the greatest. With BlackBerry World you need to be super specific to find just what your looking for. Make a one letter error and you're lost - there is no "were you trying to find" suggestion or smart correction. Something that could be improved on down the road. Even a "real time" search that suggested apps as you type would be awesome.
  • Better Filtering - One of my biggest gripes lately is the amount of mapping apps I've seen in BB World. Where we used to have a problem with e-books clogging up the pipeline, it seems that there is an endless supply of mapping apps recently that only get in the way when trying to find the goods. Perhaps filter options for searches or more refined categories would help this problem. 
  • App Suggestions - I constantly find myself looking for new apps and games. I open BB World at least twice a day to look for new items and I'd love a "we thought you might like" type of feature. Much like iOS, suggestions based on previous items I've download. Sometimes it's a chore to look through all the available items to find something that interests me. 
  • More Details/Images - It seems that right now it's not a requirement to have screenshots in place for listing and item in BB World. This kills me because I can honesty say I've never downloaded an app or game that didn't have screenshots in the listing. Why it's not a requirement I have no idea. Also, some of the descriptions are pretty bad - there should definitely be requirements on that end as well along with more details for each app. 

We obviously like to use the CrackBerry App Gallery for comparison. There you can view top apps and just how many people have recommended them. There are specific search features, plenty of screen shots and full item details - right down to the development platform. It's ideally what we'd like to see BlackBerry World turn into at some point, just an amazing discovery experience.

How would YOU improve BlackBerry World?

So what we want to know is how you would like to see BlackBerry World improve. Better discoverability? Coupon codes? Filters? Let your voice be heard and sound off in the comments.