It has been nearly a month now since BBM consumer shut down and BlackBerry announced they would be opening up their enterprise-grade end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, BBM Enterprise (BBMe) to individuals. In that time, we've heard from folks who are really digging BBMe and folks who have set off to find a different messaging app that fits their needs.

No matter where you find yourself, if you tried BBMe out for any amount of time, you no doubt have some thoughts and opinions on where BlackBerry can improve BBMe. BlackBerry recently made some changes to the app, so we know they're actively looking for ways to improve it.

My biggest issue was the messaging when you signed up. That 'You don't have permission to use BBM Enterprise' was a confusing message to see but it has now been changed to 'You don't have an active BBM Enterprise subscription' which is less confusing and more accurate.

Feel like the features are not as robust as they could be? Perhaps there are some things from BBM consumer that you would like to see brought over? Maybe they need to improve the sign-up process even further? Let me hear your suggestions, just drop them in the comments!

Secure instant messaging

BBM Enterprise

BBM Enterprise is a highly-secure messaging platform you can use for all your group chats, voice, and video calls. Advanced features include the ability to edit, retract, or set an expiration time on a single message.

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