PlayBook Video 101: How to Perform a Security Wipe (Return PlayBook to Factory Settings) on the PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS

We've already covered a ton of BlackBerry PlayBook 101 topics here on CrackBerry, so on the eve of the PlayBook's official launch I'm doing up one more... this time, we're looking at wiping the operating system on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Doing a Security Wipe restores the PlayBook to its factory out of the box settings, removing all data, apps and media from the PlayBook itself.  

Wiping the OS on the PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS is extremely simple - just go to Settings > Security > Security Wipe, type in blackberry, and tap the Wipe Data button. Unlike BlackBerry Smartphones, where this process of wiping the device can take for what feels like forever, the PlayBook whipped through the OS wipe in literally just a couple of minutes. Super fast. Super impressive. 

Check out the video above to see the wipe process in action. And don't mind my CrackBerry craziness in this one... I'm just excited. As I type this I'm 12 hours away from walking into the store to buy my own PlayBook. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

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