Now that BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 has landed we have been going over the new features and changes that makes your day-to-day usage easier and more productive. One of the items that has been around since the last iteration but deserves a closer look is the attachment view capability in the Hub. Not only can you view all of the files sent to you but filter and sort by name, date, name, sender, and type. Users may also utilize the search option to find exactly what they are looking for.

One of the great things about this is that for power users who juggle multiple email accounts and receive plenty of attachments - whether it be an important document for work, a photograph sent by a family member, or even a travel itinerary - attachment view lets you view them directly without searching for and opening up the original email.

Viewing attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

  • To see all of the files that you received as attachments, tap The Attachments icon.
  • To see all attachments from a conversation, tap a conversation. Tap The Attachments icon.
  • To see all attachments for a specific email account, tap the hub icon in the bottom left, select your account, and then tap the Attachments icon

Once you press the attachments icon, there are additional options available at the bottom. Users may tap on the Search icon to locate a specific one by file name only. They may also tap on the Grid or List icon to toggle between the two views which displays file names and the name of the individual who sent the message.

After you go through the list of items and locate the file you want, simply tap on an attachment to download, preview, or share. For items that are downloaded a small green checkmark appears in the upper right of the attachment icon.

Sorting Attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

After you select this feature in the Hub, users are able to sort by date, sender, name, type, and the order (ascending or descending).

  • From the BlackBerry Hub, tap the Attachments icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the three dots (more/overflow icon) and select Sort
  • Using the drop down lists at the top of the screen you can choose the option(s) you wish to sort and order your list by
  • This action can also be performed through individual accounts as well

Sharing and Saving Attachments in the BlackBerry Hub

  • From the BlackBerry Hub, tap the Attachments icon at the bottom
  • Press and hold on the file you wish to share or save:
    • Images - Select from Save, Share, or Set As. You can also tap on the image to bring up the preview and choose these same actions from that screen
    • Files - Select the Download icon. Once the download is complete, press and hold on the attachment and choose from among the following options: Save, Share, or Open in File Manager
    • Multiple files – Press and hold on an attachment and from the side action menu, tap the Select More icon. If two files are selected, users may tap the share or save icon. If more than two are selected, only the download option is available.

This certainly a convenient feature for managing your inbox and accessing attachments quicker.  

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