How to use your BlackBerry Motion or KEYone camera to scan business cards, documents and more!

Are you hoarding a collection of business cards and looking to get rid of them but not lose any of the information from them? Your BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEYone can help. Although it's a bit overlooked, built right into the camera app on the BlackBerry Motion and KEYone is CamScanner, which allows you to scan business cards, documents, and even whiteboards.

How to use Scanner mode on the BlackBerry Motion or KEYone

  • Launch the Camera app
  • Tap on Mode
  • Tap on Scanner
  • From the top, choose what mode you wish to use: Business card, PPT, Whiteboard, Doc.

Based on the different modes you choose, you'll be presented with different options. For all, you'll be able to adjust the alignment of the image capture, rotation and save the image but the app really shines when you're using it to scan business cards.

For business cards, it includes an OCR (Optical character recognition) engine that will pull all the relevant text from the card and allow you to instantly create a new contact based on the info it pulls from that business card into whatever app it may be that you're using for contacts!

Sidenote: This might not be available on AT&T and Sprint KEYone due to carrier decisions to leave it out.