Mobile Hotspot

Having the ability to instantly turn your BlackBerry device into a mobile hotspot can certainly come in handy. For most folk that utilize this function I would imagine it's to access the web on either a laptop or tablet - unless of course you are using a PlayBook and can just use BlackBerry Bridge.

There may occasionally be the scenario where you are out with a bunch of friends and for whatever reason they can't get a signal on their smartphone but you can. Just switch on your mobile hotspot and your buddies can connect to your BlackBerry and use its data.

How much you actually use the feature may well come down to the data plan you have with your carrier. Clearly, if you only have 500mb per month for example you'll want to keep things to a minimum, but as more and more of us seem to be on plans with larger allowances these days it's the perfect back up plan if you need to use it.

Switching on your Mobile Hotspot is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Settings - Pull down from top bezel
  • Select Network and Connections
  • Choose Mobile Hotspot and toggle on and you're done

You can choose a password to ensure only the people you want to use your connection can do so and in addition you'll be shown how long the hotspot has been active for and how much data has been sent and received - clever stuff. You will also see a hotspot icon at the top left of your display so you'll know when it is on or off.

Many existing BlackBerry 10 users will probably be aware of this option but for newbies it's a handy tool to have built into BlackBerry 10.