BlackBerry 10 Word Substitution

Don't worry -- Word Substitution (aka AutoText) is still with us in BlackBerry 10. It's a bit harder to find now, and honestly, I looked for a while and then wrote it off as being a feature that went to the wind.

Thankfully it turned up and it's still hanging out in the settings waiting for your fancy strings of added words. 

Word substitution is a great feature that lets you create auto text entries for common phrases. Use "ilu" for "I love you" or "omw" for "on my way".

You can put in pretty much anything you want. Take a stroll with us after the break and we'll see just how to get up and running with word substitution on BlackBerry 10.

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Language and Input
  • Scroll down and tap Automated Assistance
 BlackBerry 10 Word Substitution
  • Tap Word Substitution
  • Make sure the toggle is set to On. You'll see a bunch of preset phrases already added, but here you can enter your own as you see fit.
  • To add a new phrase, tap the Add Shortcut icon on the bottom bar.
  • Enter the original word in the box (ilu) then the phrase you want it replaced with (I love you).

BlackBerry 10 Word Substitution BlackBerry 10 Word Substitution

Click Save and you're done. Repeat the process for adding as many words as you want.