Using voice control is certainly nothing new for BlackBerry 10 users. However, if you have just picked up the BlackBerry Z30 as your first BB10 device you'll be pleased to know that you can perform a range of tasks using voice control. 

I'll be totally honest and say that the voice control functions on the Z30 are certainly not on par with the likes of the iPhone or Android, but us BlackBerry people tend to be more hands on anyway. However, for certain situations it does come in jolly handy. 

To activate voice control you'll need to press the central button between the volume/media control keys on the right of the Z30. From here it's just a case of telling the BlackBerry what it is you want to do. It does take some getting used to but luckily you can press the 'i' icon at the top right of the display for a list of example commands that the Z30 will understand. 

You'll be pleased to know that if you do make an error while using voice to text there is an option to edit whatever command you are using and again this can be done without having to touch the BlackBerry. 

These range from making a phone call to messaging someone, either via email or BBM. Diving a bit further into the settings you'll find more in depth instructions. In total there are 16 categories. These include: 

  • Set a reminder
  • Post a LinkedIn update
  • Book a meeting or appointment
  • Searching 
  • Send messages
  • Change your Facebook status
  • Type using voice dictation
  • Using the BlackBerry Voice Control app
  • Set an alarm
  • Video: voice control basics
  • Post a tweet 
  • Check your battery level
  • Save notes and memos
  • Making a phone call
  • Change your voice response settings
  • Change your voice control language

The voice control on the BlackBerry Z30 is far from perfect and does require some patience and persistence, but once you have the hang of things it can certainly make life easier for you if you choose to use voice rather than typing. 

So there you have it. Voice control is there on the BlackBerry Z30 is you choose to use it. For many folk it may only be used when driving, however, please make sure you only do this if the law permits. Here in the UK we can't even touch our phones without running the risk of getting a ticket - safety first.