The ability to access a USB drive on your BlackBerry 10 device was actually introduced when the BlackBerry Z30 was released. We haven’t yet taken a deeper look at it here on CrackBerry, so now that BlackBerry 10.2.1 is available with plenty more carriers pushing it out, it’s about time we had a look at using it.

USB on-the-go allows you to access a USB drive from your BlackBerry 10 device. It is only available for the BlackBerry Z30. You can also use USB peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse. We have seen videos of the BlackBerry Z30 being used to true mobile computing style and it really is a great feature.

You will need a USB OTG to Micro USB adapter, which can be picked up reasonably priced online. When searching online be sure to choose the one with the USB OTG function. There are ordinary adapters around that just act as an adapter and don't function as OTG. You may also want a USB hub if you want to plug in more peripherals. Once you have those you on your way.

How to use USB On-the-Go

  • Connect the USB OTG to Micro USB adapter into your Z30
  • Insert your USB drive
  • A pop-up notification should appear saying USB device inserted
  • Open up File Manager, tap the menu on the bottom left and you should see USB device as an added drive option
  • Tap USB device to access files on your USB drive

If you want to use USB peripherals, you'll need a USB hub, it doesn't have to be powered. Just connect the USB hub to the USB adapter and then start connecting your peripherals. To then then get a desktop experience with your BlackBerry Z30, plug in a HDMI cable and you're away. We've seen a BlackBerry made video on this before, when the BlackBerry Z30 was first released.

USB On-the-Go is a pretty neat feature and is just shame it's limited one device. If you have a Z30, get an adapter and have a go.