Story Maker is just one of the built in applications that you will find on the BlackBerry Z30 if you purchase it. The application has been present since the launch of BlackBerry 10 and it's a fantastic way of piecing all your photographs together, with background music, in a collection of styles. 

I decided that the easiest way to demonstrate this would be by a video, so if you are not able to watch it right now I'd recommend coming back when you can. As you will see, Story Maker is so easy to use and the results can be fantastic. 

Creating a new project is simply done by launching the app, selecting 'Create New Story' and then it's just a case of choosing the photos/images you want included. You can scroll through all your photos on the Z30 or jump into your albums if you prefer. Once you have made your selection you can choose a music track to go along with it. There are some default ones with the app, but you can also use any track you have on your BlackBerry - which is awesome. 

As you are making a story you can amend the titles and credits which will appear at the start and end of the final product. Once this is done you will be presented with the Story Maker project and you have a choice of six different styles. Each style presents the images differently - either using them full screen, combining two or three images in one frame, plus zooming differences. 

At the base of the display (or by jumping into the settings) you can alter the arrangement of the photos and also there you will find the save tab. Once you are happy, the project can be saved and you can then either access it via the Story Maker app itself or by jumping into the videos folder on your Z30. You can then share or upload to YouTube/DropBox etc.

Story Maker really is a great application that's all part of the BB10 experience and as you would have seen - how to use it is a piece of cake.