A few weeks back we first got word of a PIN-style "easy" password heading to BlackBerry 10 with the 10.1 MR update. As the update began to roll out to some regions, users are getting some new features to play with. One of those is simple password - a PIN lock for the Z10 that takes the place of a longer password.

The benefit to the simple password is that you don't need to remember a long password with mixed characters and, more importantly, don't have to fumble with the full on-screen keyboard when trying to unlock your device. When a simple password is set you'll be presented with a number pad rather than the full keyboard, so you have bigger buttons and an easier time unlocking your device. 

Here's how to setup a simple password (keep in mind this works only if you've updated to the OS 10.1 MR)

  • Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Device Password
  • Tap the toggle for Simple Password to On
  • Enter your password, then enter it again to confirm

That's it! You can tweak the options below as you see fit. Once finished just tap Back to save.

Now when you unlock your device you'll just need to enter your simple password - quick and easy!