Reply Now

Ever had your BlackBerry ring and for whatever reason you've not been able to take the call? If like me and you hate listening to voicemail, BlackBerry 10.2.1 has the perfect solution - 'Reply Now'. The way this works - as you will see from the above image - is that when your BlackBerry receives a call you can't or don't want to answer you can press the small message icon that will be displayed and a selection of options will appear on-screen. 

You then just tap the response you wish to send and hey presto - the message is sent and the phone will stop ringing. According to BlackBerry your reply can be sent via SMS, email or BBM. I'm not totally sure how the phone decides which option to use as I carried out an experiment and was quite confused. I phoned myself and used the feature from BlackBerry to BlackBerry and it sent an SMS. Yet, when I got my friend with an iPhone to call me it sent him a BBM. Either way the 'Reply Now' function does its job and works well. 

You'll notice that you have three reply messages already set up by default but you can alter these to suit your needs. I suspect some comedy ones may be arriving on my BlackBerry very shortly! 

To get up and running just jump into your phone settings - select 'Reply Now', toggle on and alter your responses if you need to and you are good to go. 

Reply Now may not be the biggest and best feature in this latest version of BlackBerry 10 but it's one I'll be using, in particular when in the car. A nice touch BlackBerry - although just one of many in 10.2.1.