Having a password keeper on a BlackBerry is nothing new. It has been a stock application on BlackBerry smartphones for a long time. My BlackBerry Z10 didn't come with it pre-installed, however I did find it in BlackBerry World and it is a native BlackBerry app, rather than a third party one. If you're not familiar with Password Keeper on BlackBerry, it's a password storage and password generation tool that works great. Looking to learn more about its uses or how to go about setting it up? You can jump below for the full guide.

Using the password keeper is extremely easy. Once you open the application for the first time you will have to enter a password which will allow you into the app in the future. Don't forget this one!


Once you have created the password it will be time to enter the information you wish to store. Press the 'Add' tab and you are presented with a selection of boxes which you can fill with text. These include a title, website, username, password and notes - perfect if you are prone to forgetting important information.

Password Info

A neat feature with the BlackBerry 10 password keeper is that if you want to create a new password you can just press the 'Generate Password' tab and you will be given a unique password to use.


When jumping back into the app to view your passwords you are given the option to copy the password - perfect if you need the password for an app or webpage you are viewing on your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry have done a great job with the password keeper. The user interface is neat and clean yet the app works perfectly. Nice work password keeper team!

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