File sharing via NFC is nothing new for BlackBerry 10 users, although from my experience it's not used nearly as much as it should be. There isn't an easier way to share something with a friend - as long as they have a smartphone with NFC. Fortunately, all BlackBerry 10 devices have NFC - unlike a few competitors that still seem to be lagging behind on that front. 

I suppose one of the most common uses for it would be sharing pictures, but it doesn't have to stop there. There's a bunch of stuff you can use NFC for, such as video and music sharing, browser pages, adding a new BBM contact, exchanging contact cards and more. 

With NFC turned on and you finding the need to share something with a buddy all you need to do is tap the backs of the phone together. The recipient will get a pop up box asking if they wish to accept and that's it - simple. 

Switching on NFC: 

  • Open settings (swipe down from top bezel)
  • Select Network and Connections
  • Select NFC and then toggle on
  • Get tapping 

There you have it - sharing doesn't get much easier than that. Is NFC a feature that you tend to use regularly? Let us know in the comments?