One of the best things on a touch screen BlackBerry 10 handset has to be the typing experience and things are certainly no different on the BlackBerry Z30. In fact, due to its extra screen size typing is even easier compared to the BlackBerry Z10. If you are thinking of picking up the Z30 this quick 'how to' demonstration may well help make up your mind. We already know that having a BlackBerry is the best communication device out there and with the BB10 keyboard it makes typing so much easier - both with one hand or two. 

The beauty of the BlackBerry Z30 keyboard is its intelligence. It learns from you - believe it or not. Once you have typed a word two or three times the device remembers and as you type you will see that word pop up on the next letter of that word on the keyboard. From here you can just perform an upwards swipe and the word falls into place in the message you are writing. There isn't any predictive text that comes close!

I'll be honest and say that I don't tend to use this feature when I am typing with two thumbs (unless I forget how to spell a word) however, for one handed typing it really makes life easier by reducing the number of key strokes you need to make. 

The above is without doubt the best feature of the Z30 keyboard but there are several other tips that will come in handy:

  • To remove the keyboard from the screen perform a downwards swipe with two fingers/thumbs or hold the space bar. 
  • Hold down the microphone icon to perform voice dictation
  • To delete one word swipe to the left.
  • To delete two words at a time use two fingers to swipe to the left. 
  • To access more icons tap the '?123' key at the bottom left of the keyboard or just perform a downwards swipe. 
  • If a word appears underlined in red you can tap the word and select 'Add to Dictionary'. 

The proof is in the pudding with the Z30 keyboard. If we can't convince you - head on down to your local store and see if you can test it out. You'll be pleasantly surprised.