If you are picking up the BlackBerry Z30 as your first BlackBerry 10 smartphone there will be some essential gestures you will need to get acquainted with. All other phones, whether they be Android, Windows Phone or the iPhone, all rely on using hardware buttons to not only unlock the device, but also for navigating around the OS. BlackBerry 10 is quite unique in the fact that everything is gesture based - which adds to the whole wonderful BlackBerry 10 experience. 

It's all about swiping the screen on the Z30 - from unlocking the phone to jumping into the BlackBerry Hub. The easiest way to demonstrate this is by watching the above video but if you're not able to do so at this time the below list is just a few tips on how to use the gestures on the BlackBerry Z30. 

  • To unlock the Z30 swipe upwards from the bottom bezel. 
  • To access settings swipe down from the top bezel. 
  • From whatever app you are in, to peek at your notifications swipe up from the bottom bezel. 
  • To access the BlackBerry Hub from any application swipe up from the bottom bezel and then again to the right. 
  • To exit the BlackBerry Hub either swipe upwards from the bottom bezel or swipe left from the right bezel. 
  • To exit an application just swipe upwards from the bottom bezel to return to your home screen. 

As you can see, getting familiar with BlackBerry 10 is very different to other operating systems, however, once you have become used to the basics you'll find that navigating around the different parts of the OS is a dream. To sum up how to use gestures on the Z30 I would have to use the word smooth.