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When we came up with the idea of a Mobile Nations Fitness Challenge while at CES this year, I instantly started thinking about how I could best use my mobile devices to help reach my goal. Ultimately I am aiming to lose weight on what I'm calling my "no more fat kid" diet. While there are plenty of fitness and health oriented apps out there for BlackBerry, I really wanted to just keep track of things on my own. I don't need fancy graphs or reports to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong, I just want to see my progress how I lay it down. Evernote couldn't be a better solution for this. I already told you how I use Evernote and why I love it and now for the course of my diet I can keep track of my meals, my weight, my workouts (or lack there of) and whatever else I need. Keep reading and we'll take a look at just how easy it is to use Evernote to keep track of your goals.

Using Evernote for Mobile Fitness

Keep i mind here that you can change these up to apply them to your specific situation. As I said before, I'm working on being less fat (or as some may call it, a diet) so what I use may be different than what you'll need. You can use Evernote for tracking pretty much anything -- weight, food intake, workouts, body mass or whatever fits your case. It's all done by creating a notebook and adding notes along the way for whatever you need to keep track of. Just another great use for one of my favorite apps.

Weight Tracking

Diet Scale

Here is the easiest (and perhaps most important) for my goal of losing weight. I put in my starting weight (which I'll leave out because you don't need to know) and every few days I add the date and current weight. This lets me keep track of how I'm doing through the entire process. I'll hopefully be able to look back and smile knowing how I did and how much weight I actually lost. If all goes well I'll be referring to my first entry weight as "rock bottom" in a few weeks - fingers crossed.

If you want to take this one above and beyond, you can even go as far as taking photos of yourself and adding them to your notebook. This way you can actually see your progress along the way.  I supposed you could go crazy and just record a "before" video of yourself working out in your basement, but who in the world would want to do that?

Food Intake

Fast Food

I think it's fairly important to know just what I'm chowing on as I work through my diet. Typically I like to eat whatever you put in front of me, but I'm actually manning up for this one (Go Giants!) and paying attention to what I eat. Gone are the days of eating a hungry man breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. Conciously being able to see what I'm eating helps in reaching my overall goal. I enter each of my meals and snacks on a daily basis, which in turn I can look back at to see my patterns and know any day I ate more crap than I should have. Yes, there are better ways to do this, but for me this works out just fine. 

Activity Tracking


If you plan to run, walk, go to the gym or just stand up as part of your new routine, you can use Evernote to track your activity as well. You can mark down each day what you achieved (ran 2 miles, walked a mile, went to the gym) so you have a record of everything you've done. Alternatively you can create a "to-do" list of activities and lay out a calendar for yourself. Note down which days you want to run or workout and which days are off days. This is a good way to plan ahead so you always know what's coming next in your workout. 

Let's Rock and Roll This!

These are just a few of the ways I use Evernote to help in reaching my goal. I love that I can check my notes and edit them from my BlackBerry, or if I'm in front of my computer or on the couch with my PlayBook, I can do the same and everything will sync up nicely. If you haven't checked out Evernote in the past, I still highly recommend it. 

Will you be using Evernote to help reach your goal? Let us know in the comments!

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