How to use emoji on the BlackBerry Priv

When it comes to using emoji on the BlackBerry Priv, you do, of course, have access to all the regular ones you would expect from BlackBerry 10 but you also have all the built-in ones that Android offers as well, without the need to download any additional apps or copy and paste them from somewhere else. How you access them though on the Priv is perhaps not as obvious as it should be as BlackBerry has tucked them away, but they are still easily accessible with a tap or two through either the virtual keyboard or the physical keyboard.

To use emoji - Do the following:

  • When you type on the slider keyboard, press and hold the 0 button / microphone key with three dots, then tap on the smiley emoticon face.
  • When you type on the touch screen keyboard, press and hold the period key, then tap on the smiley emoticon face.

From there, you can select any emoji you wish to use. Remember, scrolling left on the emoji list will reveal more emoji that are available for use. Once done, in either keyboard scenario, you can just tap on the ABC in the lower right to return to normal text entry. Of note as well, you can also access additional settings this way such as Voice Dictation and Language and Input settings.