Docs To Go

Picked up a BlackBerry Z30 or thinking of doing so as your first BlackBerry 10 device? You'll be pleased to know that if you rely on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, whether for business or pleasure, you'll have full support on your Z30 thanks to Docs To Go. 

Upon launching Docs To Go you'll be presented with tabs at both the top and bottom of the display. Up at the top you can filter the documents you have on your Z30 by All, doc, xls and ppt. This just helps a little if you have a bunch of documents on your device but it's only certain types you need to view. 

When it comes to creating a new document this is done using the tabs at the base of the screen. Here you will see 'Create doc' and Create xls. Unfortunately you can't create a PowerPoint presentation from the BlackBerry but you can certainly view any you have been sent or transferred from your computer. While we are on the subject of PowerPoint - if you are going to use your BlackBerry Z30 for business you can simply just connect your device to a TV via HDMI and show your audience the full presentation straight from your BlackBerry. 

Clearly, creating a new document is just done by touching one of the two create tabs. Whether you need to build a word doc or excel you'll see that the user interface is very similar to when using a PC. Within Word you'll see a bar at the top of the display which will give you quick and easy access to making the font bold, underlined etc as well as screen position and bullet points. With the keyboard closed you will also get a 'Format' tab at the base of the screen which gives you a ton of extra features including some more fonts as well as font sizing. 

The same pretty much applies to working with an excel document too but in addition you'll also find a 'Cell Format' tab which offers up a selection of options. Entering text/numbers is done using the 'fx' box at the top of the screen. Once you are happy with what you have entered and selected the correct placement you just press the tick tab and the insertion is complete. 

Once you are happy with the document you have created you can press the 'More' tab at the bottom right of the display and you'll have the option to 'Save As'. If you need to go back to the doc at a later date and edit it you can do. Just open it up and at the base you will see the 'Edit' tab as well as 'Share' which will give you access to any accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. 

The BlackBerry Z30 allows you to take your business documents wherever you go and provides you with the necessary features to make you as productive as possible. A must for the busy executive on the move.